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russian language in 25 lessons kindle edition
Russian language in 25 lessons
Kindle Edition


russian language in 25 lessons paperback edition 

Russian language in 25 lessons Paperback Edition


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Learn Russian diversified
Kindle edition



The book "Russian language in 25 lessons" - editorial review

 "Russian language in 25 lessons" is new and innovative book for learning Russian essential grammar and conversational language in the shortest period of time. The book covers the bunch of important Russian grammatical structures such as:

  • Alphabet and rules of reading;
  • Conjugation of verbs in the present, past, future tenses;
  • The verb "to be" in all tenses;
  • Prepositions;
  • Verbs of motion;
  • Genders and plural;
  • Cases of pronouns, nouns, adjectives;
  • Reflexive verbs;
  • Modal verbs;
  • Imperative mood;
  • Conditional tense;
  • Degrees of comparison;
  • Perfective aspect of verbs;
  • Participles;
  • And other subjects.

All lessons contain many practical examples. The books also contains additional material: phrasebook, numbers, and the list of irregular verbs. "Russian language in 25 lessons" will be helpful learning material for a beginner as well as an advanced student of Russian language.

A customer review:

"This book is perfect for all of those who don't want to spend hours and hours with complicated grammar books but to get a quick overview in order to use the language.

I've used the book to learn the basic structure and grammar rules of the Russian language before I started conversations with native speakers on Skype or Social Media sites. Everything relevant for beginners is included and the book always provides examples which help understand verb conjugation, noun declension, verbal aspects, etc. in an easily understandable way.

I can strongly recommend the book to everyone who want an uncomplicated but effective introduction into Russian grammar. If you want explicit grammar then you obviously have to buy a bigger grammar book but this book fills its 88 pages quite effectively and is undoubtably a useful gadget for the early stages of Russian."