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Posts from 2016-02-07

There are many ways to say "still" in Russian language

There is the word "still" in English, there is the word "Todavia" in Spanish, and tehre are many words in Russian that have the same meaning. It is interesting, that we can undestand eah other using just one word in one language but it would be not enough to use just one word in another one. So, here you are:

ВСЁ ЕЩЕ - still, just still;

ВСЁ - still, short version of всё еще;

ЕЩЕ - still, also short version of всё еще;

ДО СИХ ПОР - still, it means that an action was performed in the past and is being cuntinuing in the present moment;

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