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Posts from 2016-01-26

Money, money, деньги!

The theme of money is very important in any langauge. In English dollars beome bucks, pounds become quid and so on. In Russian langauge there are a lot of slang words on the theme of money. And now we'll consider them.

ДЕНЬГИ - money, just translation, not slang. One can also add many diminutive suffixes with this word: денюжки, деньжата, денежки;

БАБКИ - money, rude jargon;

БАБЛО - money, also rude jargon;

СРУБАТЬ БАБЛО - to cut the dough;

БЕШЕННЫЕ БАБКИ - very big money;

ГРОШИ - tiny money;

КОПЕЙКИ - tiny money;

КОПЕЕЧНЫЙ - cheap;

НАЛИЧКА - cash;

ЗЕЛЁНЫЕ - dollars;

БАКСЫ - dollars;

МЕЛОЧЬ - coins;

And by nominal, usually by nominal of Russian roubles:

ЧИРИК - coin of 10 roubles;

ПОЛТИННИК - 50 (roubles);

СТОЛЬНИК - 100 (roubles);

СОТЭН - 100 (roubles);

ПЯТИХАТКА - 500 (roubles);

ШТУКА - 1000 (roubles);

КОСАРЬ - 1000 (roubles);

ЛИМОН - million (roubles);

How often this slang is used in Russian language? Very often! As you can see, the money slang is rich!

money slang

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