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Posts from 2015-06-30

The difference between the words И(and) and А(and/but).

There is a confusing word - а in Russian language. It can mean as "and" so "but" in different context. Let's consider when we have to use А. The difference is here: И is used in enumeration and imperative mood, А is used in other cases.


Сходи в магазин и купи арбуз. - Go to shop and buy a watermelon. This is an example of imperative mood.

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These letters are words!

Just an interesting fact. There are 33 letters in Russian alphabet, and 10 of them are words!

а, б, в, ж, и, к, о, с, у, я - yes, there are such words in Russian language!

 And, of course, I have to give translation for each of them:

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