Once you probably has got an idea - to learn a new language, and then decided that this language is Russian. Well, you probably heard all those scary tales that Russian language is so difficult that it makes student cry. Let's figure out what is true and what is wong about Russian language learning.

So, you have heard such story, and the first doubt fell down into your mind - should I eventually spend time for that? Well, this is "one chick said" or "odna baba skazala"(rus. idiom) method of mind control -i.e. somebody said, you believed, and didn't find out yourself. But I am gonna bring a piece of hope into this doubt. Russian language learning can be not as difficult as you think, because key-phrase here is right approach. Where should you start to learn Russian language to make it easy and fast? Well, definitely not from conversational langauge, but if not, where from? The answer is - from its essential grammar. And it is not all, you should have a ready algorythm, e.g. : 1) verbs in present tense 2)verbs in past and future 3)cases of nouns etc. And this plan must be well structurized. Most of Russian textbooks don't have well structurized plans, a lot of existing textbooks offer you to learn what to say to a waiter in a restaurant and after that learn new words, and then to learn cases of nouns, then verbs in present tense, then vocabulary and phrasebook for a hotel. I am pretty sure that such approach is nonsence!

Good structurization of Russian learning plan will improve not only your Russian language skills but also logical thinking. These skills will help in sorting any kind of information, writing skills, study plans, and many other stuff. With help of knowing the Russian Essential grammar you will be able to talk to a waiter in a restaurant with confidence knowing what you are talking about, while knowing only a phrase from a phrasebook can cause total misunderstanding.

There are ready solutions for learning Russian language, the book Russian language in 25 lessons contains perfectly structurized course of Russian language, it will walk you from verb conjugation to knowing the structure of the language in right algorythm. The book is short enough - 130 pages, with many examples for each subject. However it doesn't mean that after those lessons you will be a fluent, as well as after a 500 page course, but the good practice of each of the 25 lessons is a straight way to get confident in Russian!

Another book - Russian Essential Grammar and Conversational Language is an  ultimate handbook for learning Russian language adapted for a learner of any level, for a beginner as well as an advanced. It is also well structurized, but the difference from the previous one is that all subject belong to the categories: "verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns, conversational language". With this book a reader can organise an order of lessons himself and jump to any subject that is needed in a moment.

Also, I want to remind that this site contains 15 free lessons that can be very helpful for a Russian Language learner of any level, anybody can find something helpful there. Learn Russian language knowing how to learn! Also, if you have questions, ask in comments or in the chat!