There are many controversional things in Russian language, and one of them is the dispute between ИХ and ИХНИЙ. Both of these words mean "their", but ИХ is not conjugated by cases and ИХНИЙ is. What is the dispute about? Almost any sertified teacher of Russian language with appropriate professional education or a philologist will say you that "There is not the word ИХНИЙ in Russian language! it is wrong!". Some of these teachers even despice the people who pronounce this word. In pages of grammatical fanatics in social network in CIS countries) will speak up agressively against the word ИХНИЙ!

However, the majority use this word more and more. Because the language is being changed with the time and official grammatical rules sometimes fall beind. For example, today we don't use the word "to be" in present tense in Russian language like it was in use some hundreds years ago, when the language sounded differently.

Being inside the society of native speakers of Russian, you will surely hear this word. "One cannot simply not to make mistakes in Russian language".

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