There the a verb in Russian language, this is the verb ЖЕЛАТЬ - to wish. This directs to genetive and accusative cases at the same time. The difference is in animated and inanimated nouns. If you wish something - use genetive, if wish something - wish accusative.


ЖЕЛАЮ ХОРОШЕГО ДНЯ - I wish you a good day(I wish you to have a good day). Day is something, not somebody so here we use genetive case.

ЖЕЛАЮ СЧАСТЬЯ И ЗДОРОВЬЯ - I wish you happiness and health(I wish you to have happiness and health). The same.

Я ЖЕЛАЮ ТЕБЕ - I wish to you.

Я ЖЕЛАЮ ТЕБЕ ХОРОШЕГО ДНЯ. I wish YOU a good day. You is someone, not something. But ХОРОШЕГО ДНЯ is something.

Я ЖЕЛАЮ ЕМУ БЫТЬ СЧАСТЛИВЫМ. I wish him to be happy. ЕМУ - him, in accusative case. Him is somebody, not something.


Я ЖЕЛАЮ ВСЕМ УСПЕХОВ В ИЗУЧЕНИИ РУССКОГО ЯЗЫКА! I wish everybody succes in learning of Russian language!


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