I would like to present my tips about learning Russian language. If you're reading these tips and you don't agree with them - it is normal, I do not claim that it is the only right tips but I find it useful. So, here it is:

1. Do not learn perfective aspect of verbs in the beginning. First of all become confident in conjugation of imperfective verbs and then learn another subjects presented in 15 lessons in this website.

2. Do now swot cases. Usually cases is the most complicated subject for Russian language learners. And actually this is the most difficult thing in the language, but let's simplify it. Learn rules of conjugaation by cases and do not swot it, just listen the langauge and try to memorize when and which case is used, there are also a lot of exceptions from rules, so don't dhink about it, the more you listen and read - the better you understand how to use cases.

3. Learn by heart rules and conjugation of such complicated verbs as "иметь(to have), нравиться(to like), казаться(to seem), нуждаться(to need), быть должным(to have to/must)". There are just 5 such complicated verbs.

4. Listen language. A language is filled into brain by listening.

5. Learn perfective aspect of verbs when you are already confident with subjects given in 15 free lessons.

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