There is a popular russian joke "A foreigner will never understand the phrase 'да нет наверное!' " Let's check if it's true or not. Literally this phrase means "yes no maybe". And it is really often used in russian speech by native speakers. Actually, this means

that a speaker is not confident and not sure if it is "yes" or "no". Usually it means "probably no" or "I think that no but I'm not sure". Let's consider examples:

-Ты поедешь на дачу на выходных? - Will you go to the country house on weekends?

-Да нет наверное -Probably no

 So why there is the word "Да" in this phrace? In this case this is just a particle. Russian language is rich by particles. So, as you can see, this phrase never means "yes" and also do not mean "maybe". If it is difficult, so just consider it like "unsure 'no' ". So, there are no any phrase in Russian language that can't be understood by language learner! At least I've not found yet :-)


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