As you probably know, all languages are being changed for years and copy many words from another languages. Russian language have obtained many foreign words as well. I remember, that when I was a small child we used another words for some things.

So, here are some such words:

ЛАЙКАТЬ - a verb for social networks meaning "to give like"

ИНСТАГРАМИТЬ, ЗАИНСТАГРАМИТЬ - a verb meaning "to upload to instagram"
ГУГЛИТЬ - to google. There is a joke "Гуглить в яндексе"( - russian search analogue)
ЧЕКИНИТЬСЯ - to check in
ЮЗАТЬ - to use
КОПИРАЙТИТЬ - to copyright
СТАРТОВАТЬ - to start

Also you often can see new words that exchanged old ones:
СТИКЕР - sticker, original word - найлейка
ФЕЙК - fake, original word - подделка
ДЕВАЙС - device, устройство
СКАЙДАЙВЕР - skydiver, парашютист
КРЕАТИВ - creative, творческий
ЛОУКОСТ - lowcost, бюджетный

And there are thousands words like these!

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