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An in-depth study of the mechanisms that drive evolution and ecology including: natural selection, mutation, genetic drift, speciation, extinction, life history patterns, population dynamics, ecosystem and community structure, predator-prey and host pathogen interactions, and social behavior.

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The . degree, plus short training periods, may prepare students for employment in education, medical technology (usually one year), allied health positions, and various other areas.

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Students will be introduced to approaches that can be used to solve scientific problems. These methods can be utilized in introductory to advanced classes and will allow students to become independent thinkers.


Prerequisite: ( PSYCH 7A or PSY BEH 9 ) and ( PSYCH 9A or PSY BEH 66A ) and ( PSYCH 9B or PSY BEH 66B ) or BIO SCI 85 or BIO SCI N665

Population structure, function, development, and evolution. Topics include population structure, population growth and regulation, metapopulations, predation, competition, species diversity, ecosystem function, macroecology, and island biogeography. Offered every other Winter.

Advising for careers in the health sciences is a specialty of the Biological Sciences Student Affairs Office. Students desiring to enter the health sciences should have their programs checked in the Office and should plan to enroll in BIO SCI 8A . Admissions tests for medical, dental, pharmacy, and graduate schools should be taken in the spring, a year and one-half before the student plans to enter.

Examines the localization of human brain functions and the effects of neurological disorders on psychological functions such as perception, motor control, language, memory, and decision-making.

Restriction: BIO SCI H98 may not be taken for credit if taken after BIO SCI 97 or BIO SCI 98.

After the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences verifies the completion of all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, students are awarded their degree from UC Irvine. By contrast, the Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential is awarded by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) upon completion of a bachelor’s degree and the state-approved UCI teacher education program, which combines course work, student teaching, and a teaching performance assessment. The UCI School of Education must verify completion of all requirements for the teaching credential and then recommend that the credential be awarded to a candidate by the CTC.

Individualized instruction dealing with conceptual or theoretical problems in the biological sciences, rather than technical problems.

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The Brown Graduate School awards master's degrees in the listed programs as terminal degrees or during ordinary progress toward a . The minimum requirements for a Courses Your academic unit may apply any prior graduate-level courses that it deems appropriate to your program of study. The rest of the program of study contains school requirements for registered nurse, school requirements for physical therapist, school requirements for anesthesiologist, school requirements for dental hygienist, school requirements for pharmacist, school requirements for radiologist, school requirements for medical assistant, school requirements for kindergarten, school requirements for lawyers, school requirements for x-ray technician, school requirements for veterinarians, school requirements for dermatologist, school requirements for vaccinations, school requirements for nursing, school requirements for immunizations, school requirements for nurse practitioner, school requirements for nurse anesthetist, school requirements for physical activity, school requirements for dental assistant, school requirements for a physical therapist