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Publication date: 2018-04-20 12:15

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As for the long term damage, no matter what you do, you 8767 re always doing long term damage. That 8767 s why they will eventually die, no matter what you do. It 8767 s just a matter of trying to do the least damage possible.

Rugged coffee maker runs off power tool lithium-ion batteries

So in your case, if you use a charger to charge a battery, you will only get it up to about half charge. I don 8767 t think it should hurt anything. You just won 8767 t be able to get a full charge out of it, which is probably around 79v.

Makita 12-Volt MAX CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8 in. Drill

The process of totally topping off the battery, then letting it drain all the way down to dead, and recharge it all the way back up again, is supposed to let the phone learn the battery 8767 s capacity, to calibrate the phone to the battery. But it 8767 s never worked for me on my phone. So I gave up trying it, or thinking about it too much, and now I just simply use the dang thing.

Makita 12V Lithium Battery | eBay

Can I remove the battery and connect it directly to the adapter for an hour to partially charge the battery? I know it 8767 s not safe to leave it connected. I just want to charge it enough to power up the laptop for a few minutes before I go to the trouble of replacing the dc jack.

My HTC EVO cellphone shuts down when the discharge voltage reaches volts. Isn 8767 t this reducing the use-capacity of this battery quite a bit?

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and what does this article say is the best mv to not let it drop below when you start charging again in order to prolong battery life as oppose to run time?

The best suggestion I can give you is about your practice #8. While turning the phone off will make everything last as long as possible, whether you 8767 re charging or not, it 8767 s actually more important to have it plugged in while you 8767 re using it the hardest, so that you 8767 re really not using the battery any more than you have to.

i bought a Chinese quad-copter phantom 5c from a local charged the battery for 8 hrs but charge-full led never lit. it use to fly for two minutes before emptying the got its battery replaced from the same store. it came with a usb charger that plugs into wall socket and reads SEC: ::: 855mA. the a wire with a usb(and a small circuit on it with a charge=full led) plugs in USB port of charger and other end of wire has a connector that plugs into battery(connector). the new battery reads (ds 857595) 655mAh. NOW THE QUESTION IS THAT HOW LONG SHOULD IT TAKE TO FULLY CHARGE THIS BATTERY WITH ABOVE MENTIONED CHARGER

they are actually connected 8 series connected sets of 7 in parallel.
you really need to manually charge them carefully, not exceeding about volts. most plug pack adapters that say 67v dc are not regulated and will put out over 65v with little load, they will over charge the li ion pack and maybe blow it up if left too long. if you keep measuring the voltage and stop at volts you should be ok i think. that should make them look ok to the proper charger but 9v should not be too low you may have a faulty pack

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LITHIUM-ION/Makita Corporation Makita lithium ion 18v battery

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