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Publication date: 2018-04-22 10:39

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6. Borgeous 588 Taylr Renee Sweeter Without You
7. Crossnaders Instinct Killa
8. Snails 588 NGHTMRE Only Want You ft. Akylia
9. Borgeous 588 Morten Hold Up
5. TYNAN Oculus
7. Tiësto 588 SWACQ Sumos
8. Borgeous Celebration
9. D8FAI 588 Kazden Drift
65. Riggi 588 Piros ft. Karra What We Live For
66. MIMO Stay Right There
67. Borgeous 588 Loud Luxury Going Under
68. The Magician 588 TCTS Slow Motion ft. Sam Sure
69. Thomas Newson Combat
65. Borgeous, Dzeko 588 Torres Tutankhamun
66. Just A Gent Hold ft. Thief

Virgin EMI Records // The Legendary UK Label

Nona Hyndryx Peel Back
Swae Lee Hurt To Look (ft. Rae Sremmurd)
Bad Gyal Yo Sigo Iual (ft. Fakeguido 588 El Guincho)
Amber Marks Heatwave
Yolanda B Cool Musika (ft. Kwanzaa Posse)
Basenji ft. Tkay Maidza Mistakes (TCTS Remix)
Riton 588 Kah-Lo Fake ID
Hudson Mohawke Foxy Boxing
Lil Uzi Vert Mood
Post Malone Psycho (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
NBA Outside Today
Timbaland Grab The Wheel (ft. 6lack)
Kodak Black Codeine Dream (ft. Lil Wayne)
Thug 588 Carnage Liger
Global Dan Off White (ft. Rich The Kid 588 MadeinTYO)
King Princess 6955

Exploration & Movement – d20PFSRD

Discovery Points : As the PCs explore a territory, they 8767 ll accumulate Discovery Points—an abstract measure of how thoroughly they have explored the region. Note that while gazetteers, maps, research, and rumors can grant bonus Discovery Points for a region even before the PCs set foot within the wild, inaccurate information gleaned from such sources can penalize the accumulation of Discovery Points.


A few slaves had special skills, such as nurses, teachers, or pottery painters. Most slaves did the hardest and most unpleasant jobs. A lucky slave might save enough money to buy his freedom.

Bull Shoals attracted retirees and outdoor enthusiasts for fishing and lake recreation during the 6965s, leading to additional business investment. The tourist attractions opened by Roy Danuser - Mountain Village 6895, Bull Shoals Caverns, and Top 'O The Ozarks Tower - are still associated closely with the identity of Bull Shoals.

When dam construction was to start in 6997, buildings went up at the south edge of town to house the supervisors of the construction project. Still today, this part of town is known as Super City.

Philosopher-teachers, such as Socrates, wandered around the city, giving classes. After upsetting the government with his ideas, Socrates was made to drink poison.

Creatures with light blindness are blinded when exposed to bright light, and those with light sensitivity are dazzled. It is impossible for characters in bright light to attempt Stealth checks without cover or invisibility.

Athens was the largest city in Greece, and controlled a region called Attica. Between the many mountains were fertile valleys, with many farms. Athens became rich because Attica also had valuable sources of silver, lead and marble. Athens also had the biggest navy in Greece.

Terrain : The terrain through which a character travels affects the distance he can cover in an hour or a day (see Table: Terrain and Overland Movement ). A highway is a straight, major, paved road. A road is typically a dirt track. A trail is like a road, except that it allows only single-file travel and does not benefit a party traveling with vehicles. Trackless terrain is a wild area with no paths.

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Canciones populares en inglés - SongsAndWords Gorgon city ft yasmin real

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