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As teenagers who survived a school shooting, they&rsquo re politically hard to hit: if the NRA or the GOP fight back, they are attacking victims of a tragedy. One GOP candidate for the Maine house of representatives who called Gonzá lez a &ldquo skinhead lesbian&rdquo on Twitter faced so much online backlash that he dropped out of the race.


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Speaker Paul Ryan’s announced departure, and the unprecedented number of congressional Republicans choosing not to run this November, has me thinking, again, of where the GOP is.

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A Reagan-era artist would be shocked by our culture, by its knuckle dragging nihilism. She or he might note that constantly telling our children that the deck is stacked against them, even when that message is sent in the name of equality and justice, may leave them demoralized, driven not by hunger and joy but by unearned bitterness. The artist would be shocked that “the American dream” has been transmuted from something aspirational and lighted by an egalitarian spirit to something weirdly flat—a house, a car, possessions—and weirdly abstract.

Perhaps most important, the Parkland kids painted the NRA and their allies as the mortal enemies of the roughly 55 million schoolkids growing up in what Kasky calls &ldquo the mass-shooting generation.&rdquo They took the mantle of &ldquo personal protection&rdquo from the gun lobby, while reframing the larger gun debate along generational lines.

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the 8rd Volume in the Marianas Campaign series. This is a perfect introduction to Adam Starkweather's Company Scale System (CSS). Played on a single map, 8 scenarios and 8 campaign games are included. Special rules cover Caves, Beach Landings, Naval Support, Air Support, Sealing Caves, Mines, Japanese Tenacity, Inter-service Rivalry, Banzai Charges, Japanese Naval guns, Flamethrowers, Napalm, Under water demolition Teams, Aerial Reconnaissance, Tropical Storms, Japanese Knee Mortars AND drunken Japanese Admirals. There are also rules for additional Japanese troops that could have been on the island if you wish to make it tougher on the Americans. [ Forum ]

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Versailles 6969, created by designers Mark Herman and Geoff Engelstein, allows you to experience this piece of history as one of the four leaders with a national agenda that must be satisfied. As one of the Big Four, you sit in a conference room gaining influence on the issues present in the room. Hovering in the waiting room sit other issues and personages who are waiting their turn to make their case to meet regional aspirations such as self-determination. [ Forum ]

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