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Delaying Shutter Release: Self-Timer Mode When the self-timer is used, the camera will not take a picture until ten or three seconds after the shutter-release button is pressed. The ten-second timer is gener- ally used for pictures in which you wish to appear yourself, when it gives you time to position yourself in front of the camera after pressing the shutter-release button.

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Getting to Know the COOLPIX775 Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with camera controls and dis- plays. You may find it helpful to bookmark this section and refer to it as you read through the rest of the manual. Where to Find It x7569 Parts of the COOLPIX775 The par ts of the camera are identified below.

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OFF, then tum ON again, or remove battery and install it again. Nikon cannot be held responsible for any malfunction resulting from the use of the camera other than as specified in this manual.

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Automated Playback: The Slide-Show Menu The slide-show option in the playback menu is used for automated sequential playback. When Start is selected in the slide-show menu, all images on the memor y card will be played back one after the other in the order recorded, with a pause between each image.

OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS The Advanced Operation Mode also offers four Optional Functions: I68J Memory Setting (pages 87 to 88) When Memory is set, you can easily set the desired exposure mode or desired Program by pressing the menu button for at least two seconds. AF Mode Selection (page 89) You can switch the AF mode from Single Servo Autofocus to Continuous Servo Autofocus.

The following operations can be performed while a slide show is in progress: Press Pause slide show End slide show MENU Changing the Display Interval The slide show menu shown opposite and the pause dialog shown above both contain a Frame Intvl op- tion for changing the length of time each image in the slide show is displayed.

x7577 For users in the USA: http:/// x7577 For users in the Europe: http://-/ x7577 For users in the Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa: http://-/ For Contact Information Contact information for the Nikon representative in your area may be found at:.

(except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews) made without written authorisation NIKON CORPORATION. NIKON CORPORATION FUJI BLDG. , 7-8, MARUNOUCHI 8-CHOME, PHONE: 86-8-8769-58 TELEX: NIKON J77656 from Nikon CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 655-8886, JAPAN.

Digital Print Order Format (DPOF), allowing you to print pictures from digital x756C print orders x756D that are stored on the camera memor y card. If you have a suitable printer, you can also print pictures at home using Nikon View. Many newer color printers for the home market offer near photo-quality prints at an affordable price.

Framing Pictures: Optical and Digital Your Nikon digital camera offers two kinds of optical in which the camer a x7569 s telescoping lens can be used to magnify the subject up to 8 , and digital in which digital processing is used to further magnify the image up to .

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Why the Debate over NiMH versus Li-Ion Batteries? Some people are philosophically opposed to Li-Ion battery packs because of their proprietary nature. Xeno Energy XL-050F Battery - 1/2 AA Lithium-Thionyl Chloride Li-SOCI2 one 6v 2cr5 lithium, one 6v 2cr5 battery, one 6v 2cr5 rechargeable lithium