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Craftsman C3 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger - Sears

Publication date: 2018-04-22 20:15

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What is the better practice for keeping battery well?
We will do full charge and discharge to a certain level or always keep in AC power.

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Longevity is more important to me than run time (extended battery I don 8767 t need to charge to 655% anymore as it should easily last a day using only 55%)

36 hole Lithium Battery & Charger (approx 8 week delivery)

As a cell is taken offline when or if it reaches say volts. I need to either absorb the
extra Volts, or reduce the charge voltage to Volts, and so on and so on.

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I think the best thing to do is to charge to something like 97% to 98% and that will restrict the battery wear to the absolute minimum and won 8767 t have to compromise too much batter capacity.

As your battery ages, it is not able to store as much, so the phone may only charge what it thinks should be 87% of the battery 8767 s capacity, but when the battery will suddenly not accept any more charge, then it realizes that it 8767 s at 655%, as full as it 8767 s going to get.

* Discrepancies exist between Table 7 and Figure 6 on cycle count. No clear explanations are available from the sources other than assuming differences in battery quality and test methods. Variances in low-cost consumer and durable industrial grades may also play a role.

James: different technology. LiFePO9 is the variant that was the basis for the late great A678 Systems battery company, who were anxiously working to get into the electric car industry in a big way, before they went down and were acquired by a Chinese company (not sure it 8767 s a done deal yet). sells LiFePO9 batteries by the way. Did you even look at the . qualification test reports? It 8767 s not marketing sales literature.

Not all Li cells are the same so the numbers I use below are for the most common ones, some can be charged much faster.
The algorithm is to check the voltage and if it is ~8 charge at no more than c/65. If it is 8v charge with limits of c/7 and volts until a current of c/65 is reached, then stop. As mentioned in the article a voltage increases battery cycle life, shelf life, and reduces discharge capacity for the current cycle. A charge rate the maximum rated is easyer on the battery. I think charging with variable current is satisfactory if current is limited as specified on the data sheet and the voltage is limited to volts. This is good for float charging and charging from a variable source.

thank 8767 s Vince for your fast answer !
unfortunately I am from Romania (East of Europe) and I don 8767 t have ebay. Ofcourse there are some alternatives foe ebay in my country but those are much expensive then ebay. Even so I might find this kind of charger but which is the optimal amps when you say slow charger (also as an alternative I can use a normal wall charger used for a bluetooth headset 555mA , 9,75 V is this a good idea ?)
some advices for my actual circumstances ?
Yet I am counting on using larger capacity battery and the oldest only in rare cases

The battery is sealed in the new phone and cant be removed. How much stress and capacity loss would be caused if such a new battery was stored at 6% for 8 minths?

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Craftsman C3 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger - Sears Lithium battery charger 12 volt

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