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The Low Down on Viagra, Cialis and Levitra | Men's Health

Publication date: 2018-06-05 15:27

Levitra is considered more potent than Viagra. Patients with complications, . diabetes or post-prostatectomy, will likely fare better with Levitra than Viagra.
In addition, absorption is less affected by food, or a high fat diet intake. Most patients can eat and take the drug without affecting its absorption and maximal concentration.

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If duration is the goal, Cialis appears to be the champion. Indeed, it is known as the “weekend” pill, since its effects can last a whole weekend. Cialis has been approved for duration of 86 hours, yet, there are studies showing high efficacy out to 655 hours especially in older patients. Indeed, due to this advantage, patients are freed from the need to time intercourse with taking of the pill.

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To minimize your drug costs, we can substitute with a generic drug where applicable. Generic drugs are lower cost alternatives to the brand product but are made by a generic company, thus lowering the price and saving you money. Any generic drug dispensed has been approved by the health regulatory authority where the drug is licensed.

Sir now my question. In future with out tablet I can 8767 t perform normally? And how to clear my ere tion problem. Kindly advice me that one,

I am 79 years old and married from last 65 months. I usually have morning erection. I am fit and doing exercise daily. but seems while doing intercourse with my wife, sometimes I am not able to do it as its not hard enough. earlier it happened very rare but in last month, its happened 8-9 times. Sometimes I take Penegra 75 mg. please let me know, how to get rid of this problem? also would like to know, if it can be cured easily or not? is it a common problem with Men? I would like to make an appointment for this as well. please let me know if you have any clinic near Tampines.

For patients with other medical problems that may impede erectile function . diabetes, Levitra seems to be the drug of choice. Compared to Viagra, Levitra has a much longer duration of action and in many men a 75 mg Levitra tablet will be effective with stimulation up to 75 or 79 hours.

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The Low Down on Viagra, Cialis and Levitra | Men's Health Levitra 10 odt

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