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The book "Russian language in 25 lessons" represent a course for a beginner as well as an advanced student of Russian language in 25 easy and understandable lessons of Russian essentials. The feature of the book is that you will learn the structure of the Russian language.

The lessons consist of such subjects as:

Conjugation of verbs in present, past and future tense;

Conjugation of the verb "To be";

Genders and plural;

Prepositions an their usage;

Cases of pronouns, nouns and adjectives;

Reflexive verbs;

Complicated verbs "to have, to need, to like, can, must";

Imperative mood;

Perfective aspect of verbs;

Reflexive pronouns; Participles;

Possessive case;

Diminutive suffixes; and other subjects;

All lessons are followed by many examples.

The books also has the additional material: Russian alphabet with transcriptions of the letters, simple rules of reading, numbers, phrasebooks with common phrases, list of irregular verbs. The book will be helpful for a learner with any level of Russian language.