In Russian language there is not literal difference between "to learn" and "to teach" because there is only one word for these 2 words.

Учить - to learn

Учить - to teach

understands what this word means in context. And notice that if you translate this word in online translator from Russian to English - translator can show you incorrect translate. If you write in translator "Учи русский(learn Russian)" - google translator will show you "teach Russian" - ant according to translator this is not a mistake but according to context - it is incorrect.

Учи русский язык! - Learn Russian language!

Учи его говорить по-русски! - Teach him to speak Russian!

Он учит русский язык в школе. - He studies(learns) Russian language at school.

Он учит меня говорить по-русски. - He teachs me to speak Russian.

Alternative solution. There are synonimous words:

Обучать - to teach

Преподавать - to teach, but used for professor in university

Изучать - to study, to learn

Учиться is used in cases: "to study in ..." or "to study for ... " or "to study to be ..."

Учитель and Преподаватель.

Учитель - teacher (in school)

Преподаватель - professor (in university or college)


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