Do you have a purpose to learn Russian language, or you just love this langauge? If you just love Russian language, you can learn it without any other reason. But for those who doubt why, I wanna show reasons that can attract your interest.

Many masterpieces of world literature are written in Russian language.

Did you hear about such famous writers as great russian poet Alexander Pushkin with his poems "Evgeniy Onegin" and "Bronze horseman", Fedor Dostoevsky with his book "The crime and the punishment", Leo Tolstoy with famous "War and Peace" and others? The sense of these literature creations cannot be truly fulfilled by translation to foreign language. If you love to read classics, learning Russian language would be a great advantage for you!

Expose false propaganda against Russia with help of Russian language.

There are waves of lie and false propaganda against Russia. And you can look at it from another side and find the truth. However, the Russian side is locked by langauge barrier, and it is one more reason to learn Russian as the key to another side of the information war.

Videos in Youtube in Russian language.

There are a lot of great videos in youtube in Russian language that are not translated to other languages. Russian content in Youtube is really large.

Travel to unknown places of Russia and speak Russian.

The biggest country in the world if far not the biggest touristic destination. Almost everybody know about Moscow, Petersburg and Transsiberian railway, but how many of you know about Karelian itshmus, Caucasian republics, Millions of square kilometers of Taiga, and thousands of kilometers of rivers that flow from Siberia to the Arctic ocean along beautiful landscapes? And for sure, far not many people speak Ensligh in such far places!

 Travel to Russia