Have you ever heard from a native speaker "ты же ...", "ты ж ...."? If not - you will with probability of 99%. Yes, this particle can seem like parasite word for Russian language learner but if you understand it - you can play by words.

So, what really means

the particle ЖЕ? It can be described so:

The particle ЖЕ just increases intonation and empowers sense of a phrase.

Ты человек - you are a human

Ты же человек! - you are a human!

And what about Ж? This is just a short form for the same ЖЕ that has the same sense and can be used the same.

Ты человек - you are a human

Ты ж человек! - you are a human!

And, don't get serious this picture! Native speaker will always understand what you mean(I hope)!


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