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A review about Slavic languages

Have you ever though about learning another slavic languages or just were interested in them? As a native speaker of Russian language I would like to write a review about slavic language group.

Firs of all, which language are in

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Particles ЖЕ, Ж - Very often used in Russian language!

Have you ever heard from a native speaker "ты же ...", "ты ж ...."? If not - you will with probability of 99%. Yes, this particle can seem like parasite word for Russian language learner but if you understand it - you can play by words.

So, what really means

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Зачем and Почему?! Difference between these words!

Зачем and Почему - both these words google translator will translate as "why". Yes, they both can mean "why" but there is a difference.

Почему? - why? - this word

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Yes no maybe? Very confused and often used in Russian Language!

There is a popular russian joke "A foreigner will never understand the phrase 'да нет наверное!' " Let's check if it's true or not. Literally this phrase means "yes no maybe". And it is really often used in russian speech by native speakers. Actually, this means

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Learn 50000 words for 1 minute!

Good tip, how to learn 50000 words at once. I've known it when I watched lessons of English of one famous polyglot.

So, there are about 50000 words in English that have endings [-tion], [-sion]. In Russian language there is analogue - [-ция], [-сия]. Let's see what it is meant:

Globalization - ГЛОБАЛИЗАЦИЯ
Nation - НАЦИЯ

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Foreign words in Russian language

As you probably know, all languages are being changed for years and copy many words from another languages. Russian language have obtained many foreign words as well. I remember, that when I was a small child we used another words for some things.

So, here are some such words:

ЛАЙКАТЬ - a verb for social networks meaning "to give like"

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Russian for cat lovers!

I am sure that there are many cat lovers who learn Russian language. There are many ways to say the word "cat" in Russian language! Here they are:

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The difference between the words И(and) and А(and/but).

There is a confusing word - а in Russian language. It can mean as "and" so "but" in different context. Let's consider when we have to use А. The difference is here: И is used in enumeration and imperative mood, А is used in other cases.


Сходи в магазин и купи арбуз. - Go to shop and buy a watermelon. This is an example of imperative mood.

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These letters are words!

Just an interesting fact. There are 33 letters in Russian alphabet, and 10 of them are words!

а, б, в, ж, и, к, о, с, у, я - yes, there are such words in Russian language!

 And, of course, I have to give translation for each of them:

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All quizes of level 1 are completed!

Hello, dear Russian language learners! Finally, all quizes for lesson 1 are completed and are waiting for you to pass them! Check and practive your knowledges!

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