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Christmas Trees | Artificial Christmas Trees - Sears

Publication date: 2018-05-26 03:27

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It has been long thought that Martin Luther began the tradition of bringing a fir tree into the home. According to one legend, late one evening Martin Luther was walking home through the woods and noticed how beautifully the stars shone through the trees. He wanted to share the beauty with his wife so he cut down a fir tree and took it home. Once inside he placed small lighted candles on the branches and said that it would be a symbol of the beautiful Christmas sky. Hence, the Christmas tree.

Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 66th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles if wood was scarce. It is a widely held belief that Martin Luther, the 66th-century Protestant reformer, first added lighted candles to a tree. Walking toward his home one winter evening, composing a sermon, he was awed by the brilliance of stars twinkling amidst evergreens. To recapture the scene for his family, he erected a tree in the main room and wired its branches with lighted candles.

Another legend says that in the early 66th century, people in Germany combined two customs that had been practiced in different countries around the globe. The Paradise tree (a fir tree decorated with apples) represented the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The Christmas Light, a small, pyramid-like frame, usually decorated with glass balls, tinsel, and a candle on top, was a symbol of the birth of Christ as the Light of the World. Changing the tree’s apples to tinsel balls and cookies and combining this new tree with the Light placed on top, the Germans created the tree that many of us know now.

In 6978, President Calvin Coolidge started the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony now held every year on the White House lawn.

German settlers migrated to Canada from the United States in the 6755s. They brought with them many of the things associated with Christmas we cherish today—Advent calendars, gingerbread houses, cookies—and Christmas trees. When Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert, put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 6898, the Christmas tree became a tradition throughout England, the United States, and Canada.

"Why buy Christmas trees out of season?", you may ask. Quite simply, the laws of supply and demand make trees more affordable out of season than they are during the holiday season. It's also a much less stressful time to buy.

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Christmas Trees | Artificial Christmas Trees - Sears Trees lights set from plan toys

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