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Posts from 2016-03-04

Russian tongue-twisters

Have you already become fluent in Russian, or just want to have a good accent? There are a lot of crazy tongue-twisters in Russian language and I will gather some most popular of them. Definitely, not all native speakers can pronounce them without miskates, but can be just funny!

СКОРОГОВОРКА - Tongue twister

На дворе трава,
На траве дрова.
Не руби дрова
На траве двора.

Translation: grass in the yard, woods on the grass, don't chop the woods, on the yard's grass.

Корабли лавировали, лавировали, да не вылавировали.

Translation: the ships maneuvered, maneuvered but have not maneuvered.

Ехал Грека через реку.
Видит Грека в реке рак.
Сунул в реку руку Грека.
Рак за руку Грека — цап.

Translation(my translation with rhyme): Greka's going through the river, Greka sees a crawfish there, Greka put his hand to river, crawfish snatched Greka's hand.

Карл у Клары украл кораллы,
А Клара у Карла украла кларнет.
Если бы Карл не крал у Клары кораллы,
То Клара не крала б у Карла кларнет.

Translation: Carl stole Clara's corals, and Clara stole Carl's clarinet, If Carl didn't steal Clara's corals, then Clara would not steal Carl's clarinet.

There are much more Russian tongue-twisters, but these are the most popular that almost everybody know. So, practice to pronounce them and improve your Russian accent!

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