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Posts from 2016-02-20

Introductory words in Russian language

There are many introductory words in Russian language. According to grammatical rules, one must separate them by comma always. Let's see some of them:

ИТАК - so, ...;


ОДНАКО - However;

ДРУГИМИ СЛОВАМИ - In other words;

К СЧАСТЬЮ - Fortunately;

К СОЖАЛЕНИЮ - Unfortunately;

ГОВОРЯТ - One says;

There are more than hundred introductory words in Russian language, but there are the most often used ones. Also, most of those "hundreds" of introductory words are literally translated to their English analogues.

Итак, говорят, что, к счастью, в Русском языке много вводных слов. - So, one says, that, fortunately, there are many introductory words in Russian language.

Remember, that introductory words are always(before and after) separated by commas.

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