How much impact has a fact that one hears from somebody somewhere and believed it fully and without doubts is that truth or no. The Russian phrase "Одна баба сказала" literally means "one woman said" but more correct meanins is "somebody said" or "one said", there is even an abbriveation ОБС.

For example:

Одна баба сказала, что Дональд Трамп расист - Somebody said that Donald Trump is a racist. (It means that someboy said, you believed, you didn't check the proof). Sorry for political example, this is just an example, not more!

Одна баба сказала, что синоптики обещали похолодание - One said that weathermans promised cooling. (Again, one said, one believed, and one didn't check if it's true).

"Это ОБС!" - This is одна баба сказала! - recursive expression.

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