This is the magical drink - beer, even not just a drink but a part of culture of many countries. This drink brought many slang words into Russian language, and these words differ according to kind of drinking.

There are different slang words used in intelligence parties and hard boozes, it is important to distinguish these contexts if you are going to talk about drinking.

Let's consider the intelligent vocabulary at first step.

ПИВО - Beer

There are many derivatives of the word Пиво: пивас, пивко, пивасик, пивчик.

And you can drink it by words:

ПИТЬ - to drink. Just a common word.

The more harder you drink, the more words you can use:

Выпивать - to drink, the word is used mostly for alcohol drinks.

Перепивать - to over drink, it means something like "to drink enough to stop alredy".

Напиваться - to drink much alcohol.

Пьянеть, Опьянеть - to get drunk.

Пьянствовать - to be drinking alcohol, or to be in drinking party.

Трезвый - sober, not drunk.

Трезветь - to get sober, to get not drunk.

На здоровье! - cheers!


Вчера мы ходили в бар пить пиво. Мы выпивали, но не пьянствовали. Однако, мой друг опьянел, но быстро протрезвел. Yesterday we went to a bar to drink beer. We drank but didn't drink hard. However, my friend has got drunk but quickly got sober.

And vocabulary for hard boozes also takes a part in alco-slang of Russian language. The words from above also can be used in this kind of party.

Бухать - to drink hard, to booze. In intelligence parties this word is not used.

Бухло - all alcohol drinks, any alcohol drink.

Нажираться, жрать - drink very hard with the only purpose to get drunk.

Пьянка - drinking party, booze. A party with a purpose to get drunk.

Бухач - a condition when everybody around are at booze.

Бухой - drunk.

Попойка - booze.

Запой - booze, condition with a time interval describing somebody drinking hard. For example: Он в запое - he is at booze.

Собутыльник - drinking pal. A person with whom you only drink, this word is never used in intelligence parties. The word comes from Бутылка - bottle.

Алкоголик - alcoholic.

Пьяница - drunk alcoholic.

Алкаш - total drunk alcoholic.

Пьянство - drunkness.

Похмелье - hangover.


В пятницу был бухач. Все бухали, на слоте было много бухла. Утром после той пьянки у всех было похмелье. It was a booze on friday. Everyone drank hard, there was a lot of alcohol on the table. At morning after that booze everyone had hangover. ..............I totally do not recommend to drink this way!............

Now you know vocabulary difference between an intelligence party and a booze in Russian language. Also I have to notify you that drinking like бухать is a bad way of drinking! At least, now you can understand to what kind of party you are invited!


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