There are some words, that are oficially not conjugated by cases. These words came to Russian language from another languages. Here are the most often used such words:

кафе, пальто, леди, такси, хобби, пони, депо, бюро, кино, метро, радио, фортепьяно, шоссе.

These words are not conjugated by cases! Here are some examples of using them:
Я знаю эту леди - I know this lady.
У меня дома нет радио - I don't have radio in my home.
Она играет на фортепиано - She plays piano.
Я не надеваю пальто - I don't wear coat.

But, Russian language is such language where one can conjugate anything anyhow. However, sometimes you CAN hear some of these words conjugated by cases! Oficially, it is incorrect but as I told before in previous articles - any language is being changed and new words move from language to language. So, you can hear sometimes (but better not to use it!):

У меня нет пальта - I don't have a coat.
Что это у тебя на пальте? - What is it on your coat?
У меня дома нет фортепиана - I don't have a piano in my home.

Another words from this list are not conjugated anyhow, but if to try to conjugate them - it will sound like linguistic perversy!


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