There are a lot of words in Russian language with arguable stressed letters. Why arguable? Because it can be pronounced by more than one way! Somebody says

that there must be only one correct way of pronunciation and somebody says that it is normal and this is a feature of the language and can depend of local accent also, and somebody just don't care. Having checked dictionaries, I found out thar even they don't have common standart and sometimes show different ways, or ways how really nobody pronounces! Any language is being changed with time. And I will show both ways of pronunciation, because in environment of Russian language you would certainly hear all ways of pronunciation whatever philologists call "correct". Here are some words with arguable stressed letters that I found the most often used.Творог, Свёкла, Занята, Начал, Начала, Отдала, Создала, Ждала, Шарфы, Зонта, Торты, Баловать.

Творог - curd. ТвОрог, творОг.
Свёкла - beet. СвЁкла, свеклА.
Занята - busy(feminine). ЗАнята, занятА.
Начал - I/he began(masculine).НачАл, нАчал.
Отдала - I/she gave(feminine). ОтдалА, отдАла.
Создал - I/he created(masculine). СоздАл, сОздал.
Создала - I/she created. СоздалА, создАл.
Ждала - I/she waited. ЖдалА, ждАла.
Шарфы - scarfs. ШарфЫ, шАрфы.
Зонта - umbrella(genetive). ЗонтА, зОнта.
Торты - cakes. ТортЫ, тОрты
Баловать - to pamper. БаловАть, бАловать.

As you could notice, usually arguable stressed letters appear in verbs in past tense, usually in feminine variant.


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