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A drug prescriber must be a physician or other licensed health care practitioner with the authority to prescribe within the scope of their practice in their province.

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Generic drugs contain the same active medicinal ingredients (the stuff that actually makes you better) as the corresponding brand name, and are therefore considered equivalents. However, substances combining the active ingredients may be different.

In Canada, generic drugs are strictly regulated and must meet certain clinical standards to be substituted by the pharmacist.

For the most part, generic products cost less and can reduce the costs of your health plan. Ask your health care professional to prescribe the generic drug whenever possible.

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Some drug plans only cover certain medications for specific medical conditions. In these cases, prior approval is required. Your doctor may need to fill out a special authorization form for these types of medications before your plan will pay for the drug.

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On May 67, 7568, a group of prominent physician leaders unveiled a sweeping proposal for pharmaceutical reform in the . and Canada. To read the full proposal , visit /pharma. To access our economic analysis and supplemental materials, click here.

Our team is committed to your success and work hard to obtain your regulatory approvals and help you obtain compliance ratings from Health Canada. We measure our success by your success.

Have a question about benefits covered through your plan? To learn about what your benefit plan covers, we recommend you review the benefit booklet provided by your plan sponsor (. your employer). Try to keep your booklet in an accessible place for easy access and convenient reference. Just so there are no surprises when you visit your health care professional, consult your benefit booklet before your appointment as it outlines benefit maximum allowable amounts, eligibility, and co-pay/deductible amounts (where applicable). However, do not let your benefit plan dictate your treatment plan &ndash your health and wellbeing is the first priority.

Neighborhood Health Plan Names New Chief Strategy, Marketing Officer Tim Walsh to Lead Efforts to Promote Member-Centric Approaches

A custom orthotic is a removable foot-care device worn inside a shoe and made from a three-dimensional cast impression of your foot. It must be constructed from raw materials based on your individual specifications. Orthotics are intended to support, align, prevent and/or accommodate foot abnormalities and improve how the foot functions.

During a dental checkup or recall exam, your dentist is trained to look for oral health problems that you can&rsquo t always see or feel &ndash problems like deteriorating fillings, early signs of gum disease or oral cancer, and others that could affect your general health.

Extractions (literally, pulling teeth), including simple and complicated removal of erupted teeth, partially or completely bone impacted teeth, extra teeth in an unusual position, or residual roots.

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Reference Materials. Please reference these items if you have questions or contact NHP’s Provider Relations department at prweb@. Welcome to My Care Family My Care Family is a new MassHealth plan that offers complete care and coverage by the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center nhp insurance health plan, nhp namibia health plan, nhp neighborhood health plan, nhp health plan boston mass, nhp network health plan, nhp health plan ma