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Lesson activities and plans for teaching pronunciation and speaking skills to intermediate level ESL students. Lessons on English stress patterns, accent reduction, and some for English specific to the medical profession (English for Special Purposes).

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To become the best and most knowledgeable Teacher, remember to bookmark and return to often! saves you valuable time and allows you to spend quality time by eliminating the chore of sifting through hundreds of search engine results find the best available Lesson Plans, Teaching Aids, and Student Homework Help.

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Lesson Plans for English Pronunciation
[ + - ] Speaking and Pronunciation lessons for low-intermediate to advanced students.

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Free Teaching Resources UK can help teachers find great lesson plans, worksheets, assessment, tutorials, workshops and assemblies. We have gathered together all the best free resources available online into one place for your convenience. Simply click on the subject of your choice and follow the links to the material.

Lesson Plans for Speaking and Conversation
[ + - ] Speaking and Conversation lessons for intermediate and advanced students.

Teaching Lesson Plans These Teaching Lesson Plans are Different. They have been created for teachers who wish to inspire and motivate their students towards achievement. (from age 9 upwards)

A variety of lesson discussion topics and speaking/conversation lesson plans. Lessons cover many different aspects of spoken communication, from telephone conversations to small talk to controversial discussion topics.

Lesson activities and plans for teaching pronunciation and speaking skills to advanced ESL learners. There are lessons on business jargon, accents, as well as some common speaking scenarios.

Flash based video and slide show lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects of English, aimed at beginner level students.

Although not designed for ESL students, these lessons can be adapted for ESL classes. The site also contains sub-categories for Grammar, Reading and Writing, and Spelling and Vocabulary.

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Teaching Ideas | Free lesson ideas, plans, activities and Teaching plans for basic food groups

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