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Publication date: 2018-04-24 17:03

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My son is 69. He readily admits that he is using pot. It has now extended to using mushrooms and stealing pain meds from his mother 8767 s medicine cabinet. He is now offering his brothers drugs. He is also stealing things from both his mother 8767 s and my home (most likely to pay for his habit). We have him seeing a therapist, but he refuses to go to a treatment facility. We are going to the courthouse to get a commitment, so he will be taken to one. But, what happens after those 8 days of forced treatment? What if he doesn 8767 t buy into a program? And how do we protect our other 7 sons?

ONLINE PARENTING COACH: My son refuses to go to school...

I miss David Letterman. I loved watching him every night. I en-
joyed him immensely! Also he had great interesting insightful guests. Now at 66 85 I just go to bed. So what who cares! Great to read this interview. I am really glad he is happy and enjoying his well deserved retirement.

David Bowie's son says he hates music | Daily Mail Online

My Brother in law is heavily addicted to heroin, crack, whatever he can get his hands on. He was sober for 5 years He was out of the country, and called us saying that he was in a bad place, and wanted to die. My husband and I drove 66 hours to get him. Got stopped by the Border patrol, went through hell and high waters for him. He got into a detox by some miracle, and left after 7 days. Say 8767 s he is good, and wants some money to get back to the Country where it all went wrong. He says he has a support system there ??? We have all told him, he is on his own now. No money, no place to stay. Everyone in the family is telling him no. Unless he wants a ride to a rehab he is cut off. But it feels so wrong. Is a total cut off the way to help him?

To the White Parents of my Black Son’s Friends

My son is 69 is on probation for a felony of drug I kick him out his po will send him to jail. If I tell on him he will go to jail also. He 8767 s very handsome so in jail he would probably become someone 8767 s girlfriend against his will. Hes smoking spice so he can pass his tests but only started about 7 months ago. He still has 9 months of probation. Don 8767 t know what to have yelled at him and I have been good with him nothing is working. HELP

Now that my daughter is starting to blossom she is a much happier person. She holds her head up and can walk into a room with confidence, which is something my 8775 son 8776 never could.

Michelle was employing the old ‘divide and conquer’ method hoping Doug and I would divorce. She would then have daddy all to herself and could resume her rightful place as Queen in his life. In Michelle 8767 s mind, I had taken her spot in her daddy 8767 s life, and the role of Princess to my Queen was not acceptable to her.

After all of the years of suffering through her crap, she went a little too far, even for someone like her. She took every single possible advantage of me, knowing I 8767 d 8775 deal with it 8776 because I always have. But I didn 8767 t deal with it. I put my foot down and told her why she was wrong. She only argued with me and played her 8775 feel sorry for me 8776 violin she always did (especially with men she wanted to sleep with). I knew her ways after so long. I knew exactly what she was trying to do. At that point we were roommates. She quit her job so she could play video games, leaving me to foot the bill for everything. I started ignoring her, and she absolutely HATED that.

I do wish Dave would realize that, yes, he has accomplished a great deal. As someone who has hundreds of carefully-edited 8775 Best of Dave 8776 VHS tapes, I have evidence.

My son is 69 and we kicked him out of the house today. He is smoking pot, taking any piill he can get his hands on. me and my Husband have threatened to kick him out repeatedly, if he didn 8767 t stop or get counseling, and he always promises to stop, but after a week or so goes by he 8767 s back to coming in the house stumbling around falling down, can 8767 t even talk and make any since. He lies so much that his lies will change like 9 times in a hour. He refuses to admit he has a problem still! ! He will not go to counseling because he says he doesn 8767 t need help. Kicking him out is the hardest thing I 8767 ve ever done in my life!! so I really just need to know we did the right thing???

my teen age daughter has in the past 9 months been drugged by teen boys and men who have used my 67 year old as a drug mule. They have her addicted to pot, acid, molly, xanax she’s been smoking and snorting xanax and Xannie bars.

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Hates Everyone Equally - TV Tropes My son hates zantac

Dave is a major influence on my life and reading this interview makes me happy to know that he’s in a great place in his life. Love you Dave! OMG! You just described what happened to my sister! She was always arrogant and narcissistic, but after basic, she was a full blown sociopathic narcissist! my son hates me, my son hates school, my son hates his father, my son hates my boyfriend, my son hates kindergarten, my son hates to read, my son hates loud noises, my son hates tummy time, my son hates preschool, my son hates homework, my son hates women, my son hates high school, my son hates my husband, my son hates school what can i do, my son hates me poem, my son hates me for no reason, my son hates me yahoo answers, my son hates me quotes, my son hates me after divorce, my son hates me what shall i do