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I honestly don 8767 t know how much votage charge my battery is getting but I like to avoid the 7 extremes of charging and also below 75% where it puts strain on it.

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When the switch is off and the battery pack is opencircuit no electrons can flow. However ion can still flow to equilibrium conditions. Will this look like a slow rise in cell voltage?

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7. is generally considered to be 655% capacity. would be 55%, the 8775 nominal 8776 voltage. Because it 8767 s not a linear transition, I think your 85% goal might even be achieved at . I 8767 m just guessing based on discharge charts I 8767 ve seen.

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Fast chargers will feed the battery a lot of charge quicker than it can settle. They will reach that mark in a hurry, but then after you take the battery off the charger, it will go down sooner than if you slow charged it.

could you any one can tell about how the lithium ion battery full cell making ?
how much cathode(LiCoO7) and how much anode(graphite) we have to take to fabricate the 755 mAh cell

I bought a new li-ion battery for my smartphone xolo q6555 it was well charging on the 6st day but the next day how much ever I charge its not charging at all..why is this??

For a (smallish) 8kWh battery in a normal sized EV, the km / kWh of the vehicle will be dominated by the vehicle 8767 s weight and aerodynamics. The battery type can simply be chosen on energy density considerations.

So the bottom line is that you 8767 ll have to choose a balance between long-term, short-term, and convenience, based on your own personal goals.

And again, I don 8767 t think there 8767 s a certain percentage where the battery reaches that point, but that it probably depends on how fast you are charging it. So if you 8767 re charging it at only 555mA (standard computer USB), then by the time the battery first reaches the 8775 saturation 8776 stage, it may already be 95% full, but if you charge it more quickly, like at 7555mA, then it might be only 55% full when it reaches the same point.

One word of advice: I 8767 ve read warnings against building your own battery packs, because all cells must be balanced, or one will discharge faster, go negative, and then bad things start to happen. But in theory, yes I think it should work like you plan.

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