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Publication date: 2018-04-23 08:15

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9.  The registration form or other form as required by the Director shall be filed as a deed restriction with the King County Department of Records and Elections to indicate the presence of the accessory dwelling unit, the requirement of owner occupancy, and other standards for maintaining the unit as described above.

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6.  Type I. Purpose. Type I landscaping is intended to provide a very dense sight barrier to significantly separate uses and land use districts.

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP

6.  A nonconforming site may not be changed unless the change conforms to the regulations of this Code, except that parking lots may be reconfigured within the existing paved surface.

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a.  Landscape Areas Excluded. Parking area dimensions do not include any area devoted to landscape development or open space except as provided for reserve parking areas pursuant to paragraph of this section. If a stall is designed to include an overhang into landscaped or open space, that landscaped or open space is not counted toward meeting the requirements of LUC or any other landscape or open space requirement of this Code.

Over its seven generations, the Toyota Hilux pick-up has earned a reputation as one of the world&rsquo s most trusted and reliable commercial vehicles. Toyota&rsquo s indestructible marketing of the Hilux was tried and tested to many extremes. The BBC's Top Gear featured episodes of the Hilux that was deemed "virtually indestructible". Its reputation for near-indestructibility remains undiminished.
This ultra-tough machine has been proven in extreme environments such as the Arctic and Antarctic, while as Europe&rsquo s best-selling pick-up it is clearly the workhorse of choice for many.

A.  Purpose. Limits on the total amount of impervious surfaces associated with site development are desirable to protect critical areas and limit stormwater runoff, which are impacted by the increased levels and rates of surface flow generated by impervious surfaces.

6.  The permit issued must be affixed to the recreational vehicle in such a manner that it is prominently displayed and visible, to the extent possible, from a public right-of-way.

8.  “ Retail outlet means a location licensed by the State Liquor and Cannabis Board for the retail sale of marijuana concentrates, useable marijuana, and marijuana-infused products.

5.  Open Space. The Open and Recreation Space Requirement within a residential planned unit development containing affordable housing may be reduced to 85 percent of gross land area. All other requirements of LUC shall continue to apply.

Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked overnight on residential properties unless approved through a Home Occupation Permit. “Commercial vehicles” include: 6) vehicles used in a commercial enterprise which exceed 69 feet in length and 7) truck tractors used in the drayage of semi-truck trailers. (Ord. 5589 , 8-8-98, § 69)

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Tasmania - Gateway of opportunities Identify general land office brass caps

Tourism Opportunities in National Parks, Reserves and Crown Land. The Tasmanian Government has called for EOIs from private investors and tourism operators for ideas Notes: Prefixes not listed above are reserved by GS1 Global Office for future use. 951 is used to issue General Manager Numbers for the EPC General Identifier (GID