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Welcome to Russian-1000words.pw! The language learning was never that easy and fast! We are the only site where you learn to speak Russian at your own level. You are offered to pass 15 easy lessons of Russian language, to learn Russian from zero level, You will be able to speak about common subjects and feel confident in Russian language by studing lessons.  Also you are offered to pass quizzes after each lesson in order to check your progress. Feel free to ask Russian language related questions and practice your skills in our chat.

However, 15 lessons isn't enough for Russian. Continue learning with the book "Russian language in 25 lessons". The book is helpful for a beginner as well as an advanced student.

Essential grammar and conversational language, learning material with with simple explanations and many examples.

 Russian language in 25 lessons book

Russian language in 25 lessons. Hardcover edition 35.55$

Why to learn Russian?

About 270.000.000 people worldwide speak and learn Russian. This is one of top-10 most spoken languages in the World. Do you want to read Russian literature or to listen songs? Do you like how it sounds? Or maybe you want to visit beautiful Saint-Petersburg or large and cold Siberia?  Knowing Russian language may be a great advantage. Russian is widely spoken in almost the whole world and wide spread in countries of Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS) and many European countries too. Open doors to interesting cultural experiences and learn Russian language with russian-1000words.pw!

Learn Russian language fast and easy
Also, if you learn Russian and are interested in another slavic language, you will see similar constructions in each slavic language and a lot of similar words and similar grammar.  Furthermore, if you learn Russian, you can study any other language much faster.

Why did I design this website? Because there are many people around the world who are interested in learning Russian and Russian culture. I tried to explain all subjects as easily as possible for English speakers. The aim of it is to support and help many people who have decided to learn this "not so easy" language. As you probably know - Russian language is one of another slavic languages is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, but I want to break this myth by creating lessons of Russian language for English speakers by the most simple way, trying to explain things that seem to be difficult as easily as possible. The articles in blog will give important tips on Russian language and important things that I have not found anywhere else. All of you can speak any language that you want to speak! And you can learn them much faster! In weeks or months instead of years!

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Russian grammar

In order to understand written Russian, you must know the rules of Russian grammar. Check out our 15 free lessons and additional lessons of Russian written grammar. Join our Facebook page and get latest news and discuss with users! Get practice in the chat, listen online radio pass quizzes, check our dictionary. Our free lessons make the studying process much easier because they represent a course of the language structure. The lessons consider such essential subjects as verbs in present tense in Russian language, verbs in past tense, future tense, verbs of motion, prepositions, genders and plural, cases, imperative mood, reflexive verbs, complicated verbs and modal verbs. The lessons are made by simple way for good comprehension for beginners as well as for advanced learners. Don't forget to get practice in our chat, and I wish you good luck in learning of Russian language!

Russian course for beginners

It is definitely worth to take a look at our free Russian course for beginners. You will learn Russian language step by step from beginner level to advanced. Our Russian Course is the best option for any learner of Russian language, with any level of language. From A0 to C3 and more.

Russian for beginners

Are you a beginner? Start to learn Russian with us! If you're Russian beginner and wanna be an advanced, the best option for you is to pass our course for beginners and buy our book. The course is sustainable for a beginner as well as for an advanced learner of Russian language. Check out our web applications and online lessons. In the first lessons for a Russian beginner you will be able to conjugate any verbs and after all of our lessons you will be a confident speaker of Russian language.


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